“Mild Tongue Tie”

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‘Just a Mild tongue-tie – no need to treat’ This statement is really unhelpful. Well meaning health professionals trying to reassure the mother when a tongue tie is seen. She’s reassured and instead having the baby assessed by a tongue tie specialist or releasing the tie, she continues to breastfeed through the pain, the damaged nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis or the colic- only to discover a couple of months later that the milk supply has now decreased as the baby cannot remove the milk efficiently and is now needing to be supplemented with formula, or breastfeeding just ‘didn’t work out’ but it was just a “mild tongue tie”

What health professionals should say is ‘if you are experiencing any breastfeeding difficulties after having seen an IBCLC breastfeeding consultant, you should see a tongue tie specialist to asses for tongue tie.’

Support women, there’s nothing mild about suffering. Breastfeeding is not supposed to be painful at all. It’s supposed to be enjoyed- not endured.

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